Saturday, March 16, 2013


It has been so warm this week! I am living it up and basking in the sun that is Uzhhorod. Yesterday was another busy Sunday, whoever coined the term "day of rest" didn't have that many callings or meetings I guess haha. But I love being a missionary so much. We had a record turn out at church yesterday. Any guesses? Wait for it...wait for it...11! The church is growing! I had the opportunity to give a talk on how God is our loving Heavenly Father. Talk about an easy topic to give a talk on! Then for Sunday school, my companion and I taught about the scriptures. We discussed the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the other standard works of the church. We talk with one of our investigators after church and he told us that as soon as he touched the Book of Mormon he felt a heat wave come over his body that was "a calming warmth." Any guesses as to what he felt? If you guessed the Spirit then you would be correct. It was just really cool to hear an investigator describe the Spirit.

Another really neat experience this week happened in our English class. When I was with my last companion, we contacted into an English teacher at the University in Uzhgorod. To make a long story short, my current companion and I went to the University to talk to one of her classes about culture and invited her students to come to our English class. To our surprise the English teacher herself showed up to our English class and she brought the whole English faculty from the university. They loved our English class, they said it was one of the funnest courses they had ever done. Fast forward a week... We run into the English teacher out on the street and she told us about one of her co-workers who came with her to our English class. She said her co-worker was depressed and that our spiritual thought at the end of our English class "saved her." I don't really know what that means but I thought it was pretty amazing. God works through us when we don't even know it!

Missionary work has a lot of funny moments as well as spiritual highs, so I just want to share a couple of the moments that made me laugh this week! One of them happened yesterday after church. We were walking home, and a Jehovah's Witness (there are lots in Ukraine, people mistake us for them quite often) asked me if I was a JW as well. Not understanding her, I said yes. Then she proceeded to give me a high five and told me to keep doing good work. Then my companion explained what she had asked to me, I went up to the lady again and told her we were Mormon missionaries and she called me a liar haha. Something else kind of odd happened while we were tracting an apartment building yesterday. We ran into this man who knew about our church, and he knew the word of wisdom really well. He knew everything that we were not allowed to drink, but he kept insisting that in the word of wisdom it says that we have to drink milk every day. So he invited us in and gave us tons of milk. It was really sweet!

Oh, how could I forget, we got a chance to play basketball again! We played when the zone leaders were here with us in Uzzhorod. It was really nice because we had enough for a whole team and we didn't need to borrow any players. We beat them 3 out of 4 games. We lost the first game really close, then we won the last three games with out much of a problem. It was so much fun. The even better thing is, they asked us about the gospel so we were able to teach some of the players mini lessons! They invited us to come back again, so since it is p-day we are going back. It is a good thing when missionaries can us their talents to share the gospel.

One more quick thing from this week! On the 8th Ukrainians celibrated "Women's Day," it is kind of like mothers day in America but on a larger scale. So Happy Women's day!

I love you all! I can't wait to email you next week. The end of this week is transfers so I might be going to a new area. To be honest I hope not since I love it here, but we will see.

From down town Uzhgorod town,

Elder Hadfield

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