Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Dear Family,

Things picked up a bit this week! I am not sure if I told you last week, but this week I will be in L'viv for a conference.Well, only two days out of this week.

Mom, that sounds fun to hand out with the missionaries on their preparation day. I am sure they were very happy to have such a cool member like you show them the sites. Your story reminded me of when I was first in Uzhhorod and it was like two weeks after going down there, so I still did not know the area very well, and the zone leaders came down to go on exchanges. I pretended that I knew my way around really well and we got really lost. But I didn't want to say that we were lost, so I said a little prayer and then we somehow found our way to where we were going, and I didn't have to admit I had no clue where I was haha.

What happened this week? Well this is a funny little story but it will help explain the picture that I sent along with my email. So were were walking down the street when we saw this tiny cute cat. So what the heck, I thought to myself "What would Amanda do?" And then I bent over to pet it. I ended up picking it up for a second to take a picture with it. At the same time as I did this a little girl (about 7ish or so) stopped to talk with us. She was like "Is that your kitty?" We told her no and that we had just found it on the side of the road. She looked at us with the biggest puppy dog eyes and said "Please take him home with you!" It was really hard to try and explain to the cute little girl that we were not allowed to have pets in our apartment. She was really sad, so she picked up the cat to see if she could keep it at school! I hoped that worked out for her.

Oh and this week we had to go to pick up the sisters in the morning and so we thought "lets run to the train station" and we get there a lot faster then we thought. So we had to wait for like 30 minutes and then they got in. So we took their stuff and got in to a taxi to go to their apartment and then we ran home to our apartment and my companion lost the keys to our apartment. So we had to run back to the train station to see if the keys fell while he was siting down, but we didn't find them so we went to a little restaurant by the station for breakfast since we were way hungry and we didn't have any way to get at our food in our apartment.  Then we tried to see if maybe the keys had feel out in the taxi, so we checked if the same taxi came back to the station, but we didn't find him. 

So by now its like 10 am and we had an audit at the church to do, so we go there and did the audit. Keep in mind that we were still in our running clothes. Then we called the land lady and tell her what happened. She was way understanding, which was a miracle, and told us that her husband would come to help us out. We decided to run some errands since we really could not do much else. Then went to meet our land lord and he didn't have the key so he called a lock smith and he said he would come by at 6pm to break us into our house. Our kind neighbor gave us some apples and I cleaned up the leaves on our porch. Then we helped an old man carry like 20 pounds of onions to his apartment, since he was old and could not do it himself. Then finally the lock smith came and took out the lock. I was surprised at how easy it was for him! After we got in the house we were understandably hungry so we got dinner and then got ready to go over to our neighbors house. He invited us over to talk to get to know each other. Then we had a little meeting with our neighbor.

Something pretty cool happened yesterday at church. One of my recent converts who got the priesthood a few weeks ago blessed the sacrament! It made me very happy to be able to watch that!

Well that is all from my end this week! I love you all so much!


Elder Hadfield

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