Sunday, February 16, 2014


So here is a funny story that happened to us on the way to the Internet club today: So today I am on exchanges, this is transfer week, so there are a lot of missionaries in L'viv. We were walking down the street to the internet club and there was a man on the side of the road with his car stuck in a ditch. He yelled out to us for help, so we walked over to help him. He got out of the car and together we tried to lift the car out of the ditch. Right when we squatted down to get a good grip on the bottom of the car, I hear a rip. It wasn't my pants, but it was the pants of the missionary next to me. Poor guy. We ended up helping the man to get his car out of the ditch. Walking away we had a good laugh at the situation. Serving others does not always mean you are immune from bad things happening to you. The other missionary didn't know L'viv really well so I showed his to a clothes repair store that was close by and they stitched up the whole backside of his pants. To make a long story short, now I am here emailing you.

My week was ok! Thank you for singing for my birthday and for making/eating cake for me. I feel very special. On Sunday for church Yeva came up from Uzhhorod which was a pleasant surprise. Her four favorite elders were all in L'viv and she wanted to come up and see us., and wish me a happy birthday in person.

This week I ended up with the chance to skype President Kliebengat for an hour and a half from the office. President Kliebengat used to make videos for going home missionaries (like one for the whole group), and then give it to them as their keep sake. So our mission decided to do the same thing for the missionaries who go home. Anyway, we bought the same program that President Kliebengat uses. We skyped so that he could teach me how to use the program.

Good news everyone, we are now allowed to preach in L'viv. I can wear my name tag, carry a Book of Mormon, and talk to whomever I want about whatever I want!

This week I met my new companion Elder Vandermark. He has been on his mission just about a year and is from California. Something cool, we found out that we were in the same BYUI student ward for a semester. I really like him and we get along very well. He is really easy going and he has a really strong testimony. I am excited to be with him this transfer. This week has been pretty busy in the office getting ready for transfers. They are done, so our work load will go down here this next week which will be nice.

The last two nights we have had meeting with inactive members. Both of them have gone very well. Our meeting last night was with a couple who were sealed in a temple in Germany together, and have been in active for about three or four years. The husband has since been confined to his chair as it is hard for him to walk, and I think they stopped coming to church more because it got hard physically and less because of a testimony problem or being offended. We have a family night at the church on Friday,and we are going to go over to their house before it to pick them up. The wife was also very glad to hear about the teple in Kiev and she wants to start coming back to church so that she can go to the temple in Kiev.

After church on Sunday we went over to the Bodell's house because they needed help changing their filters. They are alder so it is hard on their arms to unscrew the filters. So we went to help them. After helping Sister Bodell gave us some really good cupcakes. We had planned on bringing two of them with us to give to the inactive members that we were going to visit that night, but after eating a few of them, we just ate the rest.

L'viv has been a pretty peaceful, quiet place this week! I am not really sure what is still going on in Ukraine, of if there is anything big going on, or what was decided. L'viv is a great place to be. The branch is really great too. There are a lot of pretty families which is always nice.

Man, I miss the Olympics. I have not heard much about the sadly. Maybe that can be one of my conversation starters this week on the buses? We'll give it a shot.

Well, I love you all very much! I miss you.


Elder Hadfield

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