Monday, March 17, 2014

My dear family,

This week we found out about transfers. I will be staying in L'viv for another transfer and I will be staying with Elder Vandermark. I really like L'viv and Elder Vandermark is an awesome elder so I am very excited. It should go very well.

This week has gone by really fast and has been a bit of a blur to me. Let me do my best to try and tell you everything that I did. Here I go:

-well first off we had five lessons. That may sound like a pretty lame number, but we were really happy with it as it has been a very big struggle to find people and have meetings lately. We were able to find a few new investigators this week which was a huge blessing.

-we went on splits with the branch president and were able to visit a number of less and inactive members of the church. President Lattin even came with us. At one less active older woman's house she was having one of her rooms remodeled so we were able to help lug out a bunch of trash to the dumpster for her. One inactive family that we stopped by was surprised because we ended up coming by on the wife's birthday. We had been planning to go to them for about a week, but every time we tried to before something came up and we couldn't go. So that just goes to show that God is mindful of his children.

-with transfers this week we have been very busy in the office with a few different projects. Just getting everything ready for transfers is a project in and of itself. Other things we have been doing in the office include putting together a Family home evening manual for the missionaries from the area presidency, making DVD's for the branch presidents of a message from the are President on Family home evening, ect... It is really insightful if you want to watch it. Here is the link: . You can watch it in a variety of languages haha. Don't worry it is in English too. You could watch the Ukrainian one and think to yourself "wow... Mitchell can understand this."

-we have been practicing a musical number under the direction of a really talented branch member (the one who added mom on facebook). We are going to sing "I'll go where you want me to go" either this Sunday or next Sunday, I am not really sure. Either way it is starting to sound really good. We have also been having some language studies with the same member as well. He is really helpful. My Ukrainian is coming along very well. I feel very confident in saying pretty much whatever I want to.

-we took the sacrament to an old lady in our branch who has trouble walking (because of age). She made us some really tasty borsh and tea with cookies. She only speaks Russian, because when she was growing up that is what they spoke. I pretty much understand the meaning of what she is saying, however, certain words I do not understand. We are serving in a threesome until transfers and the old woman had me translate for her because one of the other elders was having trouble understanding her Russian. He is a newer elder, so it is no fault of his own, I just thought it was really funny.

-we had a really fun "friendship night" at the church on Friday. It is basically like family night that is not on Monday. We made a cake. At first it was awkward because no one came, but like fifteen minutes after it was supposed to start people showed up and we had a good time.

That is about everything I did this week that is worthy of mention. I do have some upcoming plans that you might be interested in hearing. Here they are:

-we are going to a family night at the Bodell's with a member! We are way excited for that.

-today we are going with president Lattin to check out a service opportunity and see how the church can help.

-Olya is getting baptized this Wednesday. I am going to be giving a talk on baptism.

That is all I got for this week.

I miss you all very much.


Elder Hadfield

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