Sunday, August 31, 2014

My family,

Amanda, to start off and answer your question, if I could sum up my mission in one word, I would use the word Blessing. I don't know of any other word I could use to sum it up.

Some of the highlights from my week include:

Zone Conference: We in L'viv this week. Our Conference was a huge blessing. President Lattin talked about Baptism, Sister Lattin talked about flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon, and then we talked a lot about our mission culture. It was very uplifting. I was also given a chance to bear my testimony in front of the mission because it was my last conference. I got to sit by the Bodell's which was really nice. I am really excited for you to meet them. They come home at the end of January. We will all have to go to their homecoming!

Bus Ride: The road (if you can call it that) from Luts'k to L'viv is horrible. It felt like a roller coaster. We were all just very thankful that we were able to ride a train home!

Hotel: In L'viv we got to stay in a hotel because there were to many missionaries and not enough space in the four mission apartments in L'viv. It was really fun. For dinner we ordered sandwiches from room service!

Song: At Zone Conference my MTC group of elders along with six sisters sang a song that was written for our Mission by sister Garret's mother (one of the missionaries in our mission). It was very special. The song is about praying, building, and expecting and waiting upon the miracles of the Lord.

Baptism: The Branch had a baptism on Saturday! One of the sister's investigators, who happens to be the wife of a member, was baptized. Our branch president baptized her and confirmed her.

Independence day!: After the baptism we had a little branch lunch for independence day, which was actually on Sunday, but we did a little celebrating on Saturday!

Conducting Sacrament: I got a chance to conduct sacrament meeting this week. It was a lot of fun. I think I did a decent job. It is not as hard as you might think.

This week on Sunday, after church, we will leave for transfers to L'viv. I will be serving in L'viv until the 10th of September in a threepanisonship.

Dad, thank you so much for your email. You know exactly what to say.

I love you family! I hope you have a great week!


Elder Hadfield

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