Monday, October 29, 2012

My companion, Elder Kelley and I at the Provo Temple.
This week has been really good. On Thursday we had a stress management class. It was funny, we watched a video about some kids freaking out. The MTC is getting better now that I am in the grove of things. The language is still coming really slow but my teachers are great. Brother Adams, and Brother Fiel are both RM's from Ukraine and our third teacher is a Ukrainian. Her name is Sister Garret, she got adopted and came to America when she was fifteen. Now she is back off a mission and married. Its really hard to understand her! But I try my best. This week we are starting to learn grammar so I can see how sentences come together. Hopefully I will be able to start a normal conversation soon. Tonight we have TRC which is teaching volunteers who come to help us learn our mission language.

This morning Elder Kelley and I went to the temple, we ended up doing sealings! It was really great since that was the first time I got to do that. We were the proxies for kids and we also got to be witnesses. The Provo Temple is beautiful! Its nice that we get to go every week! I am trying to get the names done that sister Hilton gave me, but so far I have only gotten five done. I will write you again next week.


Elder Mitchell Gregory Hadfield

My MTC Teacher.

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