Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King day! Thank you for all your letters this week, thank aunt Liz and Grandma for theirs as well! It is so good to hear about what is going on in your lives. Amanda, you are a cutie:) I can't quite speak fluently yet but I am working on it every day! Emily, you sure looked good in that basketball jersey, I hope I get a chance to play some ball here but we will see. Jessica:) Your temple trip sounded great! And having dad baptize you makes it that much more special. Mom and Dad, your pictures with the Ukrainians were awesome! I am super jealous.

Guess what? We finally had church in our own building. We got a small renovation done on it to make it church standard, but it was all ready for sacrament yesterday. It has three rooms, a hallway and a bathroom. Not to small, but not that big either. We had eight people at church yesterday, four missionaries, three of our investigators, and our faithful member! I gave a talk... ha ha everyone pretty much gives a talk every week! Oh, and I am also the chorister. Its tough because we have no piano, no way to play the music, and only four missionaries who know the tunes of the songs. However, we make do.

One of our investigators is a really cool older woman, who loves everything we have to say about families! She has a wayward son and her husband has passed away. She really loves her son and wishes he would visit every once in a while. She loves to show us pictures and stories of her son and her own childhood. She is big on "Mothers know best." I showed her a picture of Mom and I and she really liked it. She has cooked for us twice. To answer your question about food, it is amazing here. Its hard to explain but everything is good (except meat jello, which I have been fed). She always tells us to make sure to wear our hat's so we don't get cold. We are not sure if we are her grand kids or her missionary's, but either way we are teaching her the gospel. She has even became good friends with our one member. After church yesterday they took us to a Ukrainian Culture festival a short walk away from our church building and gave us a rundown on the history of culture in Uzhhorod! It was so fun.

I had a good week, and I am seeing the blessings of the Lord in everything that I do. I pray for you daily just as I am sure you pray for me. Until next week,


Старйшина Хадфілд

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