Friday, May 31, 2013


We got transfer information this week and I am going to be staying in Chernevtsi for another six weeks with Elder Dorius! I am very happy about this. I love it here! Elder Dorius is great, and best of all I get to keep sleeping on the best bed in the mission!
Just a quick run down on the pictures since I am always really bad at telling you what the pictures are all about. The first one is of a really cool kid from sports day and I. He loves basketball so I played a bit with him. The second picture is of my companion and I. We rapped at district meeting it was pretty fun.
A cool story from the week:
So Volodimer, the guy who we had set a baptismal date with does not have a cell phone, and we had two meetings set up with him last week. And both times he did not show up. So we got worried and we thought that he didn't want to get baptized and keep learning about the gospel. Yesterday after church, my companion and I had a lot of things to file on the computer and we had a few meeting with people so we ended up staying at the church from nine in the morning to eight at night. Usually we would have been out a lot earlier. Anyway, at 7:45 Volodimer walks in the doors of the church, came up to us (sounding really sick), and told us that he has been in the hospital the last few days. The doctors told him he needed to stay but he told us he left because he knew that he needed to come to the church. He told us he didn't think anyone would be at the church so late but that he had a feeling he needed to come anyway. We talked for about ten minutes, we gave him a priesthood blessing and then he let. We set up another meeting with him for tomorrow. It was a tender mercy in our life. Then we got to go home and eat dinner! It was nice after not eating anything all day!
I love you all very much. Until next week,
Elder Hadfield

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