Sunday, June 16, 2013


Teaching is going great, we are finding a lot of humble people who want to know more about their Heavenly Father. We have set three baptismal dates in the last three weeks, but none of them have gone through like we planned, but we are still working with these people to help them progress in the gospel.

This week we had a seminary graduation of our own, youth from two near by cities came to Chernivtsi and we have a very nice night for them. The picture I attached is the group photo that we took at the end of the graduation.

On P-days there are some things we have to do, like buy food, send emails, and study, which end up taking more time than you would think. Then with whatever time we have left, we take naps:), some times we do extra work outs, or go look around the city. Today we went a worked out with one of our investigators at his garage. It was a lot of fun. His name is Tolya and he is a pretty strong guy.

Yeva called me this week! She told me about all the temple work that she has been doing for he parents and grandparents! She told me about how the church is growing very fast down there in Uzhhorod. It was great to hear from her again, she is such an amazing lady.

This week we made some brownies for a recent convert and tried to bring them to his house after church, he didn't pick up his phone, and he was not in his apartment, so we ended up eating the brownies to cheer us up! That is why we had to work out so hard this morning.

A cool investigator we are teaching is Vitaliy. He's about 22 and if I remember right he recently finished school. He's super nice and came to church this last Sunday. He stayed for all 3 hours like a champ. At the end he said it was a little boring to sit for that long but he agreed to meet. We wanted to make the church a little less boring for him so we invited Oksana, who is a 22 girl getting ready to serve a mission. We thought that having a girl there of about his age he would make it a little less borning for him. She really did a good job of making him feel comfortable and I think she really helped him want to read the Book of Mormon. She has a great testimony. We were grateful for her help and the prompting from the Spirit to invite her. I'll let you know more about Vitaliy as he progresses more towards baptism. He's a good kid, just what this branch needs.

First off, if you have any packages or letters, do not send them until I get you the new mission address, which will be coming in July. Just hold on to whatever you might have written until then since very soon the missions will be splitting and you don't want to risk it not getting here in time before the mission turns into the L'viv mission.

Well I have to be going, I love you all so very much! I hope you enjoy the pictures and the videos, I will do my best to have more for next week!

With love,

Elder Hadfield

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