Monday, June 17, 2013

Picking Cherries for the Primary Children
My Family,

This week was a lot of fun, on Saturday we had a big activity at the church that we had been planing for a while. We had been planing to show slide shows of our lives and then have some games, but as the week went along we still could not get a hold of a projector so we just had the activity without slide shows and played a lot of games and made more food instead. Elder Dorius and I played an apple game against two members of the branch. You have to feed your partner an apple while he or she is feeding you one. The fist team that has both apples eaten first wins. As you would have guessed... we won, and the losing duo said it was unfair because they are girls and we have bigger mouths. We had a lot of members and non-members come to the activity. Early this week we met a man in a taxi who had just moved to Chernivtsi from Russia. We invited him to come to the activity, and he came with his wife and his daughter. He told us it was a miracle because his daughter did not have any friends yet since they were very new to the area, but she mad friends with some of the primary girls in our branch.

On Sunday my companion was teaching elders quorum when little Susanna (The branch president's daughter) runs up and tugs on my suit coat. "Elder Hadfield... come here... we need you." So I got one of the other Elders and I went with her. She took my be the hand and led me outside where the primary was. They go out there after their lessons sometimes to keep the kids from making the church building too loud. Susanna led me over to a cherry tree where the kids were trying to climb to reach the cherries. With my outstretched hand, I was able to reach the cherries and give them to the kids. It was really fun! The Sister who is in charge of Primary is Sister Figel. She is so awesome. She served a mission in Russia about 12 years ago, and is one of the many amazing members here in Chernivtsi!

I have been thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon lately and wanted to share something I read this morning during study! It is by M. Russell Ballard from the book "Our Search for Happiness"
"But the prospect of sharing my beliefs with a group of ministers was intriguing, so I
chose to accept this invitation. On the appointed day I traveled to the School of
Theology in Toronto and met with about forty-five ministers, who were all seated
around a large table. I was given forty-five minutes to explain the basic teachings of
the Church, then the ministers were free to ask questions.

The first comment, issued in the form of a challenge, was, "Mr. Ballard, if you could
just place the Gold Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated on this
table so all of us could handle them, then we would know that what you are telling
us is the truth."

I felt prompted to respond by looking the questioner in the eye and saying, "You are
a minister, and you know that no truth has ever come into the heart of man except
by the Holy Ghost. You could hold the Gold Plates in your hands, and you would
not know any more about whether this Church is true than before. May I ask, have
you read the Book of Mormon?"

He answered that he had not.

I replied, "Don't you believe it would be wise to read the Book of Mormon, and then
ponder and pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true?""

You would be surprised at how many people ask us if we have the original plates still or where they can be located, when we have a copy of the knowledge the plates contained in our hands in these peoples native language right in front of them. It hurts to see the people that you love deny themselves the opportunity to come to know their Savior because they won't give the Book of Mormon a chance. I am so glad for the Book of Mormon in my life and the knowledge and comfort that come through reading. I have prayed about the Book of Mormon and I know it is true and of God. And the cool thing is that God will give anyone who asks him in faith, and answer about the truthfulness of the Book

I love you all so much! I love being on a mission and serving the Lord with all my heart! Thank you for all your love and support,

Elder Hadfield

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