Friday, November 9, 2012

Elder Kelley and I in our "cool" Ukraine t-shirts
Hey! I am so glad it is Wednesday. First of all, tell Grandma and Aunt Jenny thanks for the boxes they sent me full of goodies. Oh and also tell Sister Howard thanks from me, she sent me one too! I got the line of authority cards and they look great I was so excited to see them. Thanks for all the dear elders, I love reading them.

Well, it’s been a month. Do you miss me? I hope so. Don't forget about me. I am doing great. Guess what mom? We had enchiladas again this week. Also, how is it best to wash the sweaters? I should have paid better attention the first time you told me. The food here is good but I miss your cooking. It is getting pretty cold but I am wearing my hat and gloves so I do not get sick! Dad, I got a conference ensign so I can read the talks that you told me about. I am so glad that you are spending time reading the words of the prophets. I hope you got the chance to read the first few chapters of the book of Mosiah. Pretty amazing huh? It helps me to be humble and realize that I rely on God for everything that I have. Reading it also helps me to feel the power of the atonement and to see the affect that it had in people’s lives. I know that as I use the atonement I can feel its enabling power to lift and to strengthen me and I can feel the joy that it brings. This week I would like you to read the allegory of the olive tree in Jacob chapter five and six. I have read, re-read, and pondered it many times this week. Please send me any insight that you derive from it to help me better understand it.

My companion and I get along really well. We have the same sense of humor (I'm sure you can imagine) so we have a lot of fun. We take the gospel very seriously but it is nice to be able to laugh every once in a while too! We have two "investigators" that we are teaching. It’s hard not knowing exactly how to express what I want to say in Ukrainian, but like Nephi says "I delight in plainness." Our lessons are very plain and simple. However, the amazing thing is how powerful the Spirit is despite our weakness in speaking!

My Ukrainian is really coming along well! I can say the sacrament prayer, and in a few weeks I will get a chance to use it in church! I am almost to the point where I can start building sentences all by myself. The only thing holding me back is the grammar (which I am starting to get more comfortable with), and my very limited vocabulary. Every day I get better and learn more so I am very optimistic. It's kind of funny, I can teach short gospel lessons and share scriptures, but if I had to have a conversation with someone on the street I would be helpless. I do know the word for milk though so if I am ever thirsty I will be set.

How is everything at home? I saw that you are all safe from the storm, is the house OK?  They made it seem really bad in here. Emily! I sent you a letter today, I hope you enjoy it. I love you! I am sad that I am all out of time:( and I am sorry I don't have my camera with me, I will try and send some pictures in a few hours when I go to do laundry. I love you all. Continue to read your scriptures and pray and I know that the Lord will bless you. I know that Christ died for me and that He loves me. I know the gospel is true.

Elder Hadfield

Just got a new haircut. Go Cowboys!

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