Saturday, February 16, 2013


I finally got mail! It was nice to just kick back at night and read some really awesome letters. Thank you so much to everyone who sent me letters:) I love you;) They make my day! It was the perfect "red light," to start of a week that stayed on green for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday morning we had a pretty cool experience. We were looking for an English club to volunteer to help practice English we people. We had a little flier from the mail with the address on it. However, after walking up and down the road several times and asking people where it was located, we had no luck of finding the English club. We decided to say a prayer to be able to find the building and that is just what we did. After we both felt prompted to walk down a big hill that had just taken us twenty minutes to climb. We followed the prompting and while at the bottom of the hill a man asked us if we needed help. We told him about our situation and he said he was familiar with the building we were looking for. He walked up the hill with us and showed us the building. We then realized it was the exact same building that we said a prayer in front of to be able to find English club. My companion and I wondered why we would receive a prompting to walk back down the hill when the Lord could have just as easily told us to turn around. I have pondered this curious experience the whole week and I am still not exactly sure what I need to learn from it.

On Thursday we met a man named Victor on the street. He told us that he had just been praying to be able to find someone to talk to. We got his information and said a prayer with him and then we left. On Friday we gave him a call and he was very eager to meet. My companion and I taught him the first lesson, then I asked him to be baptized. He answered with a YES in an "of course I will" attitude. On Saturday we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of Wisdom (because he asked us to). When we told him about not being able to drink coffee he told us he drinks for cups a day but that he would quit. Then on Sunday he came to church and he showed us some verses he really liked from his Book of Mormon. He read the introduction and fourteen chapters! He had a blast at church and is pumped to meet again. He told us he is going to read it all. It was nothing that we did. This man was flat out prepared by God to receive the Gospel!

On Friday we also gave the church building a makeover, we got a "Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" sign, and we got enough chairs to fill out our sacrament meeting hall! It is really starting to come together. We are still waiting on a few things like paintings and a podium but other then that we are all set to go.

This week we got two new Elders into Uzzhorod. One of our older investigators asked me at church if it was a requirement to be a good looking male to serve on a mission for our church ha ha! She thought us four elders were looking pretty sharp. I told her no it was not required, and that is the reason why they allowed me to come on a mission! She was pretty funny about it. I think I said this before but she calls herself our Ukrainian Grandma. This was her sixth Sunday coming to church.

Another miracle of the week was a girl who came to church. We had contacted into her dad on the street and gave him a small pamphlet. He took it hesitantly and walked off quickly and my companion and I did not think twice about it. Apparently he took the restoration pamphlet home and gave it to his daughter who was praying to know which church is right. She read the pamphlet and after coming to church she thinks she found the answer to her prayers and she is excited to meet with the missionaries. It's crazy how the Lord works!

Today I had a pretty slow p-day, it was mainly spent with our land lady getting registered and paying rent. that whole process took us about four or five hours. Then we were able to go out and get some lunch. Then after this it's off to the grocery store and back to work tonight. I hop[e all is well back home. I think of you often, you are always in my prayers.


Elder Hadfield

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