Monday, February 4, 2013

Since last week, I have said goodbye to my companion and bid him farewell. But before he left we had some fun on my birthday. First we went to the hospital to visit a member (we found out we have a second one in this area) who had been in a car accident. The whole time this member kept thanking us for coming, and telling us how hard our life must be right now, having to come to another country and learn a language and everything. Meanwhile, in the middle of telling us how hard we must have it, this seventy year old woman is sitting in the hospital bed with crushed legs, having grown up in the Soviet Union. It was a shock to hear her say this. During the entire conversation, all I could think about is how this woman's life has been far more difficult than mine. It made me realize how many things I have been blessed with both temporally and spiritually.

As far as celebrating my birthday went, we made a cake in a pot haha, and frosted it then we sang happy birthday. I say "we sang," because I decided it would be very awkward for another guy to sing me a solo happy birthday. Then we ate the cake. It was nice to "have my cake and eat it too," however you want to apply that to my current situation.

On Sunday I dropped my companion off at the Train station and said goodbye to him. I now have a new companion. I have already got to know him pretty well so far as he had been serving in the other apartment in the same area. We will be moving into the apartment I currently live in for the next six weeks. Well actually we are already all unpacked and good to go. I am really excited to get the chance to serve with him.

With all the things that have gone on recently with the lowering the age of missionaries, I just wanted to offer my advice for anyone who might be considering serving a mission. Many youth may be able to relate to the situation that I was in before I became of age to make the choice to serve a mission. I did not always know that I wanted to serve a mission. In fact if you ask my mother, much to her dismay, she might tell you of a time where I was very much opposed to idea. In many ways the Lord softened my hardened heart as I got older until I was humble enough to pray to Him for guidance. I remember of one instance in particular where I was feeling many outside influences tugging me both to serve a mission and not to serve a mission. I knew that there was only one way that I could know for sure what to do, and that way through prayer. I said a prayer with the intent to act on whatever answer came. The answer came that I needed to serve, so that is what I am doing. If you want to know if serving a mission is right for you, then who better to ask then God? I promise that he will answer your humble prayer of faith. Serving a mission is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I can also promise you that it won't be easy for you either. But that is OK! Because when has anything well worth it been easy? I have seen my limits be stretched beyond what I ever thought possible. I am sure the Lord still has much in store for me as he does for you. I know a mission was the right choice for me, and I know you can find out what is right for you.

Well, looks like my time is up for the week! I look forward to writing again in a short seven days.


Elder Hadfield:)

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