Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am doing great! Thank you so much for the letters.  How was Conference? From the things I read it was great! I have yet to hear it, but I will get the chance to do that this week. We might watch it in English beforehand if we can get it to work, but if not we will watch general conference this Saturday and Sunday in Ukrainian with our members and investigators. I am looking forward to hearing from the apostles and Prophets of the Lord. My only concern is that I won't be able to understand them that well in Ukrainian ha ha! Then I can just print and study the talks.

I love Ukrainian, last Sunday was our fast Sunday since we have to watch conference a week late, so I bore my testimony. The members were so happy after because I didn't make a single grammar mistake! I felt happy because I have been working really hard to understand Ukrainian and how it works. I do admit that my testimony was not that long, but none the less I was proud of myself.

I love basketball! We were walking down the street and I saw three young boys shooting baskets on a playground basketball court. So we walked over and asked if we could play with them. We thought that "horse" would be a good game so we asked if they knew how to play. We explained the rules of "horse", and we found out they have the same game here in Ukraine. They call in "Minus Five." For every shot that you miss you get a minus. When you have five minuses then you are out. We played with them and then invited them to come to English.

Overall I am doing well and working hard. I love you all!


Elder Hadfield

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