Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter.... I guess. We have been out of the loop so we totally did not even know that it was Easter. We thought it was next week for some reason or another. Oh well. As far as general conference goes, we will watch one week after it comes out, but then even when we watch it, it will be in Ukrainian. SO I am going to take notes as I watch, then when I have a chance I will read the talks in English and we will see how close my notes were to what was actually said haha! We have to wait a week because we need to get copies of General conference in DVD form to be able to play at the church (on a small projector that we have).

On Monday last week we went to a castle close by Uzhhorod with a few of our members and a few of our investigators. It was a blast. The castle was up on a big hill so we had to hike up to it. It reminds me of the one we saw in Germany. It was more of castle ruins than an actual castle, but none the less we had a really fun time. We took the American family with us and they were very grateful.

We met a girl who did an exchange trip from school to Boston. She was there a few years ago, and she was telling us about how the family she stayed with was big red sock fans. She said they even bought her a Kevin Youkalis jersey haha! How funny right? I did get the chance to go to a sporting event though this week! Remember the basketball team we play with? They had a game against a team from another city and they invited us to come watch. It was a blast. They ended up losing by three, but they played great. It was so fun to watch a basketball game, and to be able to yell and cheer.

I am not sure what it is called in English, but people here have their own dialect. Its called Carpathian Language. Its a mix between Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovakian. Crazy right? Tell me about it. We had some lessons this week with people who only spoke Russian. It was pretty tough. Though the languages are similar it was hard to understand. They understood Ukrainian though because they live here... thank goodness! I was defiantly blessed to understand and to answer far beyond my ability!

We had a baptism this week! It all went very well. I was able to baptize Yeva. She is 65 years old and she was a bit scared about having to go under the water but she did great. She called me the night before her baptism to ask for my shoe size, so I told her. The next day she came to her baptism and she had knitted me size 48 white sandals so I would not have to get in the water with bare feet. What a sweet lady. After she was baptized she bore a very sincere testimony that no matter what age you are, Jesus is always waiting to help you repent and change your life.

I had a great week this week! I am doing well and every thing is working out for us here!

I love you so much,

Elder Hadfield
A castle close by Uzhhorod with a few of our members and a few of our investigators

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