Saturday, November 9, 2013


I had a very good week this week, and I have a few really cool\fun stories to share with you.

So this Sunday, I went with another Elder in my District to Ternopil, a city that is about two hours away from my current city. We went there to hold sacrament meeting. There are currently no missionaries there, nor have there ever been missionaries there who have lived constantly. There are five members of the church in Ternopil. One is a peace core worker from the states, and the other three are from Africa. One of them is from Ghana who just got back from his mission in Nigeria and is studding in Ukraine. We had one of the most powerful meetings I have ever been a part of. We all sat around a conference table in a hotel in the center of the city. When it was my turn to give a talk, I just sat in my seat on the round table and talked. I bore my testimony to those fine saints that God loves them, and I did not just say it, I felt it with all my heart. I love that city. It was so cool. I hope that Ternopil will be opened, because it has a lot of potential. It is a beautiful city and I just felt so good about it!

On a more funny note, we had quite the train ride home last night. We ended up sitting next to a drunk man, and on the other side of us was a dance team of 10 year old girls. They had some kind of competition in Ternopil and they were on their way home. The drunk man was hassling us pretty hard, but then we got talking to the trainer of the dance team and she was very nice. She thought it was cool that we learned Ukrainian and was asking a lot of questions. To make a long story short the little girls stated asking me and the elder that I was with for our signatures, we felt quite popular. I had a few american quarters left over in my bag from a long time ago, so I pulled them out and gave them a few and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. We ended up telling the trainer about the baptism that we had this week and about the Helping Hands activity that we did. She was very impressed. Hopefully she comes by the church sometime!

I almost forgot, we had a baptism here this week. A girl in a part member family just decided to get baptized! It was really cool. I was asked to give a talk at the baptism about the gift of the holy ghost so I brought my sweet Ukrainian blanket that you sent my for Christmas last year, and did a sweet object lesson. Everyone loved it, and everyone wanted to take pictures with me and the blanket after haha.

One other cool thing that we did this week was a Helping Hands activity. We basically cleaned up a park . We picked up a lot of trash, did some weeding, and some other stuff the people in charge of the park asked us to do. It was a blast.

That in a nutshell was my week. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.

I love my family. I hope all is well.


Elder Hadfield

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