Sunday, November 17, 2013

My dear Family,

So just a little update about transfers. I will no longer be serving in Kmelnitskiy. This next transfer I will be serving in L'viv.  Oh and by the way I will both be serving as an office Elder. I wouldn't peg myself as an "office" type of guy, but I will have a lot of fun doing that. I feel like it will give me a good opportunity to get to know president and his wife a little better. Overall I am way excited! And on top of that I think they might have me keep going to Ternopil from L'viv, which made me really happy because I love the wonderful saints in Ternopil. Oh, and another early Christmas present was that I found out that I need to take a day trip to Uzhhorod to renew my document that allows me to be a resident in Ukraine. I have to go to Uzhhorod because that is where I got it in the first place when I came to Ukraine. So that is exciting. I have a lot of blessings. I am planning on clever ways find people to teach. I really want to baptize or at least teach a post office worker! We will see how it goes. The Lord knows the situation there and He will gather his children. Nothing will stop Him from doing that!

One of those blessings is my awesome family and my great parents. In Ternopil we visited an orphanage of older children, about 12-17 or so, and it was kind of sad that they did not have parents who love them and take care of them. I am comforted to know that each of them has heavenly parents who love them and will take care of them forever. None the less, it made me more thankful for my family here on the earth. Growing up in such a great family, you think families are the norm, as you get older you see the sad truth that they are the exception. I love my family!

Our Ternopil trip was a success once again. The members are so strong and full of faith. We also talked about faith in our meeting. Samuel, a returned missionary who is from Ghana gave a talk about how faith can be broken up into three parts. 1. Knowledge 2. Belief 3. Action. Then he shared the example of faith like a seed in Alma 32 and applied to to knowing, believing, and then acting. It was very powerful.

This week we met a few more times with Masoud! He is so great! We watched more conference talks with him in Persian, and read the bible with him in Persian. He is coming along great. We explained to him the whole story of the Book of Mormon and he now understands about Lehi, the Nephites and the Lamanites, and why the Book of Mormon is important. We found out there is a Persian copy of the Book of Mormon in the Kiev mission so we are getting it sent to us to give to Masoud. He is way excited to read it. He will be in Kmelnitskiy for two more weeks before he leaves. He is a very genuine person. I am going to miss him.

Thanks for reminding me that tomorrow is veterans day! I am sad to say that I did not remember. I am proud of you dad, and grandpa! You both are such good examples to me. Tell the girls to help you rake the leaves! Congratulations to grandpa for getting re-elected mayor! The mayor is a great man! He will do great. Funny story, so on my calendar you made for me it has the mayor from disney world and I showed it to another Elder. We are together right now since both our companions left to go home last night. Anyway I told him about the "he is a great man" inside joke and so we say it all the time and think it is funny! I will take a little time today and write him a letter.

I love being a missionary! I know that we can be a force for good in the world as we do what is right. I love my family! This is my last email from Kmelnitskiy.


Elder Hadfield

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