Sunday, May 11, 2014


Dear Family,

Life seems to bounce back and forth between trails and blessings. Trails to show us that we need God to make it though and blessings to show us that God is mindful of us and that He loves us. A mission is no different as there are ups and downs as well. On Saturday I had a little experience that could be looked at from either view point. In the grand scheme of things it might be of little importance, but I will share it with you anyway. On Saturday we had Mormon helping hands and I decided to wear a pair of shorts without pockets. Since my shorts did not have pockets I could not put my camera in my shorts. How is this a blessing you ask? Well when I was walking up the little dirt hill up to the church after, I tried to jump up to the concrete slab. The only problem was that my foot caught onto a stick of some kind and I fell down pretty hard into the corner of the concrete slab right where my camera would have been. So now I only have a messed up leg rather then a messed up leg and a broken camera haha! Got to look on the bright side sometimes, even when the bright side seems to be dim.

So like I said we did helping hands this week (different than the church cleaning I mentioned last week). We went to a park that had a lot of trash to clean it up. There were a lot of different volunteer groups in the park as it was very big. The lady at the park who was in charge of overseeing the clean assigned the group from our church to the very worst part of the part. It was funny because we got to clean up all the random trash. I picked up things such as alcohol bottles, shoes, doors, bags, tires, syringes, cups, wrappers, smashed TV and mirrors, and even a toilet bowl. After two hours of cleaning we all felt pretty satisfied with our work! I wore my Cowboys sweatshirt as it was pretty cold for the first part of the morning!

Bounce back to Monday: We went over to a really cool family in the ward to have family home evening. The Father invited one of his friends from work. His friend brought his son and the son played with the two little boys of the family where we went. The dad of this family is really great and he is always looking for opportunities to do missionary work. He has been on a mission, he was the branch president in L'viv for six years, and he has contributed a lot to the growth here. We gave a spiritual thought about the resurrection as Easter is coming up soon and read some verses from the bible. The conversation ended up leading to the restoration and the Father of this family invited his friend to meet with us (the missionaries) and he said that he would love to be there for those meetings. We are excited to have a lesson with them. I think we may be able to set one up for this week!

This week we got a random guy who bought a Book of Mormon for ten griven from someone in a small village. I am not sure who sold him the book, but I guess it had our number in it as he gave us a call. He wanted to meet and talk about the book. We met him mid week and we talked about the first part of the restoration. We gave him a restoration DVD (he asked for it) and we told him to watch it and we would meet again in a few days. We are going to meet with him on Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes.

Hey, did you watch conference? I did not because we are going to watch it in Ukrainian this coming Saturday and Sunday. I am not sure if you caught it but my old mission president, President Klebingat was called to be a member of the first quorum of the 70. This was very exciting news for me, but came as no shock. He is a very amazing man. He will probably be in Utah when I come home so that would be really cool if we could go see him. Dad, you would like him a lot. He loves sports and working out, is super organized, and gets down to business. Elder Bodell told us about it on Sunday and it made me smile!

My Ukrainian is coming along well. I am confident that I am able to convey whatever I need to. Russian... I understand, but is a struggle to speak. It is really hard to explain. I hear it so much that I can understand it really well, but speak it so rarely that it is hard to speak. I hope that makes sense!

That's all I have for this week. In about a month I will be able to skype you for Mother's day! Won't that be great! I am very excited for that. I love you all! Have a good week.


Elder Mitchell Hadfield

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