Sunday, May 11, 2014

My wonderful family,

I am sure you are curious about how my week went! So let me tell you!

On Sunday we have a mission conference, with all the members in western Ukraine. You could compare it to a stake conference. There were 300 people there. It made my heart leap with joy to see all the people from cities that I had served in during the past. I had a lot of time to chat with them and catch up on everything that is going on in their lives. President Lawrence (of the 70, also our area president) and his wife both spoke.

On monday we had a mission conference (just for the missionaries). Sister Lawrence is one of the most intelligent women that I have ever heard speak and she gave an amazing presentation about gathering the house of Isreal. I wish I had time to expalain it all. I guess I was missing a whole chunk of understanding up until know when I read the scripturers. I feel like my eyes have been opened quite a bit. It makes me vallue my lineage and my family much more knowing the things that I do know. We are literally decendants (a believing bloodline) of Israel (Jacob). And my job as an "Elder of Israel" is to gather the rest of the family. Those who also are of the family of Jacob, and of course to give the gentiles a chance to repent and come unto Christ. President Lawrence spoke about obedience. It was very good. Elder LeBaron and I are doing our best to be exactly obedient.

On monday night I got on a train and came here to Lutsk! I love it here. The weather is warm, the spirit is strong, and the people are ready and prepared to recive the glad message of salvation.

My new companion Elder LeBaron is from Orem Utah! He is a great missionary. I feel really lucky to be able to serve with him. He is very happy and has a beyond solid testimony of the gospel. I believe that the Lord will use us to do great things this transfer. I will send a companionship picture next week. Sadly we did not take any yet.

Yesterday we met a really cool family who is moving to Utah (they are members). The husband and wife were first married and then they found the church. They have three little kids. It is sad to lose them. We gave them a spiritual thought yesterday about Lehi's family leaving Jerusalem and how they were blessed as they were obedient (so many times we find that promise in the book of Mormon) and we related that story to their family!

Today we are about to go play soccer with some students that we met on the train to Lutsk! So until Saturday I will bid you farewell. I love you all very much. Thank you for your prayers.

Until Skype,

Elder Hadfield

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