Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello Family,

So I am sure you would love to know about my week. This week we have taught a lot of lessons to our investigator. We pretty much have all the lessons required for baptism done except one. So that will be nice because it will give us a long time (two weeks) to review other lessons, and to read the book of Mormon with him. He is a small, very humble man, who is full of desire and great gospel questions (not to mention he always wears a nike shirt). Everything we teach him seems to make sense to him. Which is really cool because in Preach my Gospel it talks about how we are not teaching people new things but we are bringing it back to their remembrance. The members who have came on the lessons with us to help us have payed such an important role. One in particular has became really close friends with the investigator and he talks on the phone with him to answer questions that come up.

We got transfer information this week. I will be staying in Lutsk with Elder LeBaron for another transfer, alo the other elders who were here will be staying. Both of them finish their missions after this one. I know them both really well, and have been around them in various cities so it will be fun to serve it out with them. Yak Raz (It just so happens) that we went on exchanges with them this week. It is always nice to get another perspective on things. I have come to learn that the best way to teach someone is by a loving example. That goes leaps and bounds beyond telling someone how to improve. While it is good to tell them sometimes, showing an example will help them realize they want to gain the trait that you are showing and their desire to change will come from the inside and not the outside.

After exchanges we had a chance to play some basketball. I love sports! We can lean a lot from them and grow mentally and physically! Haha, though while we were playing I went up for a rebound and smashed my finger. So sadly basketball is the cause of my pinky being all sorts of nasty colors.

In a nutshell that was my week. A senior couple also came to Lutsk to do apartment checks, and we passed! So that was good!


Elder Hadfield

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